“TEN by Kristen was a huge help to us when we bought our house a few years ago. Kristen had great suggestions to improve the livability of our semi-finished basement and to improve the feng shui of our young daughter’s bedroom, who was having trouble sleeping at the time. She was very easy to work with and is a very friendly, positive person. I would recommend her services to anyone!”

-Carrie R.
Healthcare Professional

“Kristen has such an eye and was so insightful providing consultation on décor for my office. She can recognize the little things that help give your professional space a comfortable feel for clients while also reflecting your personality in your space. I highly recommend getting her feedback on your office, as she can improve your look and feel even with the décor you may already have available!”

-Keely B.
Financial Advisor

“Kristen did so much to help me get my home organized. She helped me tackle the big projects that were weighing me down. Two large spaces were needing to be converted into different types of rooms for our family, and I simply couldn’t find the time to make it happen. After working with me for a three full days, scattered over three months time, I was able to convert my spaces into usable rooms, donate bags of unused items without a desire to hold onto things I don’t need, throw away things that were cluttering up my space and repurpose items in other areas of my home. 

Kristen has a knack for helping to organize, decorate, streamline and help others to weigh functional utilization of items without being overbearing. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a little encouragement, organizational suggestions and help with sorting through the physical things that are weighing them down. “

-Tifney F.
VP, Communications

“Kristen is a wizard! not only was she a great help in arranging our art on our new walls, but she is also incredibly real and a blast to work with. We were able to use my style and her expertise to really make our new house feel like a home. 11/10 would recommend.”

–Ivy C.

“I used TEN by Kristen for interior office decorating for our business.  She’s wonderful to work with and did a fabulous job.”

–Valerie G.
Office Manager

“TEN by Kristen is fantastic! Kristen’s knowledge and expertise are far above most. She is patient, kind and very sincere when she is working with clients. Being a real estate agent; she sees a side of the home that others may not see. She will see a home that needs to be sold and make suggestions and ideas accordingly. Extremely well versed in decor, colors and ideas. You won’t go wrong.”

–Carol B.
Real Estate Agent

“Kristen did a walk through and gave me valuable advice regarding the condition each of my overwhelmed rooms. I hadn’t updated rooms in 7 years and my kids were taking over the whole house.

She gave me suggestions where I could repurpose furniture and change the feel of my home for very low cost. She has affordable rates to assist, should you desire to get it done quickly with her physical labor and conversation!

I recommend you have a consultation with her if you are wanting to do something different in your home and just feel overwhelmed at the thought or if you just need a fresh set of eyes. My space looked limited to me but she suggested things I hadn’t thought of that we’re really easy fixes that transformed my space!”

–Tifney F.
Marketing Director

“With Kristen’s help, I not only have a brand new office, but have also cleaned out and re-purposed another space for my family. I can’t thank her enough! I would not hesitate to bring her in to help with another project or recommend her to others.”

–Lora S. 
Fitness Coach

“Kristen came to our home and provided detailed recommendations for each room, leveraging her Feng Shui expertise. We are so excited with the outcome!  Her recommendations were a balance of easy and affordable changes (using what we already had in our home) and more extensive larger projects. This gave us the flexibility we needed to prioritize and tackle our projects.  Kristen also helped connect us with painters and re-modelers to help us with the larger projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kristen and excited about the changes she has brought to our home!”

–Melissa M.

“Amazing staging services!! Sold my listing in 1 day. She is amazing. Plan of using Kristen for all my stagings!”

–Mark P.

“Kristen is phenomenal! She has a keen eye for details. She knows how to incorporate a persons character with modern style! I highly recommend Ten by Kristen for your personal home or if you are Selling your home and need it staged.”

–Joe D.

“I was getting ready to put my condo up on the market, so I called TEN by Kristen to help with staging. I put it on the market and it sold in four days! The best part is she used the furniture and decor that I already had, so there was no added cost of buying new things! I would highly recommend her services.”

–Ali J.
Graphic Designer

“Kristen helped me turn my blank canvas of an apartment into a place I love coming home to every night and having people over to entertain. She works with you to create a functional and organized space that looks pretty killer. I, for sure, recommend TEN by Kristen!”

–Hayley R.

“Kristen helped me with a house I had just bought. She is awesome. The paint we picked out flows from room to room and the decor she selected really opens the house. Truly helped my house become my home. She is upbeat and thoughtful. Very kind and knowledgeable.”

–Jonathan W.
Business Owner

“Kristen is a top class talent that blends style and and personal style to transform spaces. The spaces she creates lend them selves to better living and working.”

–Trevor R.

“Kristen helped me use Feng Shui solutions to address some specific concerns happening in my life at the time. She made a few minor suggestions — including one as simple as moving a picture on the wall from one location to another — and within a few short weeks, the solution I sought had occurred. I really appreciate Kristen’s advice in how to structure our home to allow for the optimal flow of energy.”

–Kathy D.