Home Office Makeover

TEN by Kristen was called in to help a hard-working mom and entrepreneur bring some harmony to her life! As a business owner, she wanted the flexibility to work from home, but found her office to be cluttered and uninspired. TEN assisted in decluttering, organizing, and maximizing the space for productivity and time with family!

Commercial Decorating

This locally-owned plumbing, heating, and cooling company needed to turn their rented office square footage into a work space that the staff and crew would enjoy coming into each day. TEN by Kristen helped them transform their office from a "workplace" into a cozy and comfortable working environment.

Brand New Bachelor Pad

A 40-something bachelor decided to make the move from his apartment of 20 years to his very own condo. He enlisted TEN by Kristen to turn his new house into a home. TEN took his passion for his father's old toy trains and incorporated some of his favorite pieces into the decor. TEN even helped him find new living room furniture with old rail spikes as accents!

Entryway, Dining Room, and Family Room Facelift

This family originally brought in TEN by Kristen for a Whole-Home Feng Shui Suggestion Report. After reviewing all of the great ideas, they hired TEN to help implement them throughout the main level of their home. The result? An amazing space for their family to enjoy each and every day!

Office Optimization

A hard-working fitness instructor was feeling more and more secluded from her family in her basement office. When TEN by Kristen was first brought in, the project began as an office organization. However, as TEN learned more about this client and her family, it became clear the children had outgrown their sunny playroom and that this entrepreneur would blossom if her office were moved upstairs into the sunroom.

Loft Feng Shui

As an after-school care-giver for her grandchildren, this grandma needed a space where the kids could unwind and get away after a long day at school. She had a loft area that wasn't being used to its full potential, so after a call to TEN by Kristen, she was able to maximize her home's square footage.

Wine Room Transformation

After this family gave their piano away to a new generation of musicians, the old piano room was ready for a makeover. TEN by Kristen recognized that this quaint space between the large dining room and kitchen was a perfect spot to feature family photos alongside the favorite family beverage — wine!